Chinese electronic media looks forward to work with Pakistani counterparts

BEIJING, Oct. 2 (INP): Jiangxi TV, one of the top 10 urban television channels in China, has expressed intention to expand cooperation with counterparts in Pakistan and others in the South Asian countries.

Li Jianguo, deputy director of Jiangxi TV, said cooperation with South Asian and South East Asian countries is necessary under the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), a major economic integration initiated by Chinese President Xi Jinping in 2013.

While addressing to the group of journalists, he said Jiangxi TV has existing cooperation with some Asian countries like Japan and South Korea in making documentaries and films.

He said, BRI leads to connectivity and deepening practical cooperation so media has to play a key role in enhancing the understanding among people.

Pakistani and Chinese media industry have a great potential to cooperate under BRI for promoting the real message of prosperity and connectivity.

“So far, we are making progress in co-production of documentaries but of course, we hope to expand such cooperation with ASEAN countries as well following their participation in BRI,” Li said.

“We hope to expand cooperation in entertainment program, documentaries and reality shows to represent the similarities and differences, he added.

Li said many companies and enterprises in Jiangxi have businesses in the Philippines and other Southeast Asian countries. He said more than 100,000 tourists from Asian countries particularly from Japan and South Korea come to Jiangxi province every year.

Li said Jiangxi TV is the largest media company in the province with annual revenue of USD700 million.

“Very soon we will have new site in the new area with an area of 100 hectares and last year our station received 20 different awards,” he said.

Li said Jiangxi has many good things and beautiful places to offer for the television viewers in Asian countries.

“I hope through you our media friends from Asia, you relay our intention to cooperate with the televisions channels of your respective countries,” Li said.