COVID-19: Saudi Arabia sets rules for air travelers

Saudia covid rules for travelers
Saudia covid rules for travelers

CAIRO, April 24 (INP): Saudi civil aviation authorities have directed all airlines operating in the country to limit the issuance of boarding passes to travellers who are immunised or have not been infected by COVID-19, local media reported.

According to Gulf News that to determine the traveller’s health condition, the General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) has requested in a circular the airline companies and the Saudi Data and Artificial Authority (SDAIA) to urgently link data of flights to the COVID-19 smartphone app “Tawakkalna”. The GACA said that “Tawakklana” is mandatory for entering airports and boarding flights in the kingdom.

Travellers do not have to show documents to prove their health situation as the app is used to prove that the passenger is free of coronavirus.

The GACA has also asked the competent agencies to ensure that the new system would send text messages to travellers to inform them of cancelling their bookings should their health condition is different from the required health eligibility for boarding flights. The GACA has stressed the importance of preserving rights of travellers whose bookings are cancelled.

Saudi Arabia plans full resumption of international flights next month after a suspension of more than a year as part of the pandemic-controlled restrictions.