Crown Prince described model for Saudi people

RIYADH, April 28 (INP): Prominent Saudi analyst and adviser of Media Minister, Fahim Alhamid has applauded Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and described him a model.

Fahim Alhamid in his tweets reacting on the TV interview of Crown prince, he said, “When you speak transparency, frankness, confidence and pride in the Saudi identity, Mohammed bin Salman … a model When Transparency speaks.

He said, only someone who knows the critical time that the world is going through now will understand its significance.

He is a role model for the Saudi people, supporting and motivating them as well commending them for doing a great job in achieving so much, Fahim Alhamid said.

He added that the Kingdom’s remarkable achievements would not have been possible without the faith and work of the people, who today have become pioneers in initiative, achievement and action.