Dar meets Imran before IHC decision on Asif disqualification

---Khawaja Asif degraded sanctity of vote: Imran

ISLAMABAD, April 26 (INP): PTI Leader Usman Dar, who had filed a petition seeking disqualification of foreign minister Khawaja Asif, on Thursday met the party chairman Imran Khan at his residence [Bani Gala] in Islamabad , just ahead of the decision in the disqualification case from Islamabad High Court today.

The two leaders discussed the possible outcomes of the case and the future strategy in this regard.

Dar told Imran that he had been working hard on the case and hopefully the decision would be in their favour. “I promised the people of Sialkot that will not let them down in this struggle and would take it to the logical end,” he said adding that he was hopeful that the decision would be in their favour. The PTI chairman applauded the spirit from party candidate who lost National Assembly seat to Khwaja Asif and said that Asif himself had violated the sanctity of vote. “This is not the case of any person instead it is a case for the future of Pakistan which is free from corrupt and liar politicians,” he said and further hoped that the decision would be in their favour and directed Dar to meet again after the decision in the case today.