Developing countries fully support China on human rights’ issue

BEIJING, March 16 (INP): At the recent General Debate on Item 4 held during the 46th Session of the Human Rights Council, China and other developing countries delivered joint statements criticizing certain countries’ erroneous practice of applying double standards in human rights.

This was stated here by Zhao Lijian, a spokesperson of Chinese Foreign Ministry at regular news briefing.

He regretted that self-styled “judges” are always eager to lecture others, but choose to turn a blind eye to their own serious human rights issues.
They use human rights as a tool for wanton interference and political manipulation while doing all they can to whitewash the deplorable human rights record at home.
If they truly care about and hope to protect human rights, there are several things they should do well.
Firstly, they should take effective measures to tackle COVID-19 to protect people’s life and health and ensure fair and equitable distribution of vaccines globally.
Secondly, they should take a hard look at the deep-seated domestic issues like racial discrimination, law enforcement brutality and refugees and migrants’ rights abuses.
Thirdly, they should help developing countries realize sustainable development and contribute to the elimination of poverty, hunger and diseases around the globe.
Fourthly, they should stop interfering in others’ internal affairs and lift unilateral measures against developing countries.
Fifthly, they should stop killing innocent civilians in overseas military operations and hold the perpetrators accountable.
Sixthly, they should reflect deeply on their history of invasion and colonization which brought untold suffering to the people of relevant countries.”

The spokesperson further said,  China always advocates constructive dialogue and cooperation in the field of human rights and opposes politicization and double standards.
” We urge relevant countries to take concrete measures to improve domestic human rights conditions, and contribute tangibly to the international human rights cause.”

Zhao Lijian noted that for quite some time, certain countries have been using Xinjiang-related matters to fabricate lies that slander and discredit China’s counter-terrorism and deradicalization efforts in Xinjiang.
” In response, a majority of friendly and developing countries, upholding an objective and unbiased attitude, have spoken out collectively on multiple occasions to support China’s position and measures on Xinjiang-related matters.
The joint statement made by Cuba at the 46th session of the UN Human Rights Council proposes that all sides promote and protect human rights through constructive dialogue and cooperation.
It firmly opposes the politicization of human rights issues and double standards, stresses that Xinjiang is an inseparable part of China, and urges relevant parties to abide by the purposes and principles of the UN Charter, stop using Xinjiang-related matters to interfere in China’s internal affairs, stop making unjustified and politically-motivated accusations against China, and stop seeking to contain developing countries under the pretext of human rights issues.
Besides the joint statement, representatives from many other countries have spoken out separately to support China’s legitimate stance on Xinjiang-related matters.”

The spokesperson pointed out that Xinjiang-related issues are not human rights issues at all. They are in essence about countering violent terrorism, radicalization and separatism.
There have never been such things as “genocide”, “forced labor” or “religious oppression” in Xinjiang. They are nothing but baseless and sensational accusations made by those ignorant, ill-intentioned and biased individuals who simply want to extend their political interests.
A majority of developing countries have made their overwhelming calls for justice heard at the UN Human Rights Council, standing in a sharp contrast to a handful of countries who have made trumped-up charges against China.
This clearly shows which side enjoys the support of the people and that lies will always be lies, something that can never stand the test of facts.
We urge these countries to abandon ideological prejudice, stop politicizing and applying double standards on human rights issues, and stop undermining China’s interests and interfering in China’s internal affairs by using Xinjiang-related issues as a pretext, he added.