For 73-year-old Baloch folk singer Muhammad Bashir, life is now a song of miseries

Monitoring, April 16 (INP) – Award-winning 73-year-old Baloch folk singer, Muhammad Bashir, who sang countless songs on national television and radio for 56 years, is now leading a life surrounded by financial woes.

Due to a lack of income, Bashir is in debt and has tried to repeatedly reach out to the Chief Minister and other high authorities for help, but all in vain.

Bashir has command over eight languages, including Balochi and Brahui. Owing to his beautiful voice, he was awarded two presidential awards.

But now as he displays his countless trophies, awards and certificates, Bashir sits in his dilapidated house where his lack of resources have made it difficult for him to sustain his family.

Once he cherished these awards and now due to his poverty, he is willing to exchange these to provide for his family.

Bashir’s two sons and four daughters live with him. Due to financial problems, he says he cannot get his three daughters married or ensure provision of education to his younger sons. Speaking to Dunya News, one of Bashir’s sons said: “Our father has served the nation. But now he does not even have enough to buy us a pair of shoes.”