FPCCI & DMLC agree to proactive approach for development in Karachi

KARACHI, Dec 14 (INP): Comprising sitting and former office bearers of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI), a delegation called on Director Military Lands & Cantonments (DMLC) Mr. Adil Rafi Siddiqui and apprised him of the need for sustainable and proactive measures needed for creating a conducive environment for citizens and businesses in cantonment-administered areas of the metropolis.

DMLC outlined the fact that Cantonments in Karachi, in spite of having no external source of funding like other local government-administered units, performed relatively well and were open to join hands with the private-sector for viable and mutually beneficial initiatives for cantonment boards and their inhabitants.

Speaking on the occasion, Convener of FPCCI’s Standing Committee on Urban Development, Mr. Obaid Saleem Patel stressed upon the need for cantonments to forecast future needs for civic amenities in their jurisdictions by analyzing historic population density and growth trends. Patel also gave suggestion to extend cantonment and private partnerships in cantonment lands; and, revising building bylaws to bring forward affordable housing schemes as per the vision of the government; and simultaneously generate sustainable financial inflow system for the cantonment boards.

Former VP FPCCI & Vice Chairman Businessmen Group, Mr. Khurram Tariq Sayeed suggested that Cantonments should introduce a bus route from Malir to Manora in partnership with private-sector to ease burden of urban commuters and give boost to factory workers & citizens in general; while simultaneously generating goodwill for cantonments and private businesses as well.

The meeting also touched upon the topic of acute water shortage in Cantonment Board Clifton (CBC) and it was stressed that if this problem could be resolved, Clifton Cantonment would undoubtedly come across as an exemplary model of administrative achievement in the city of Karachi. It was noted that this can be made possible by increasing water tariff officially in residents’ bills and provide dedicated water line for the area to ease intense pressure on households.

Other participants of the meeting included Mr. Hanif Lakhany, VP FPCCI; Sheikh Sultan Rahman, Coordinator Head Office FPCCI; Mr. Saleem Kassim, former Vice Chairman ABAD and Mr. Saleem Hassan Wattoo, Cantonment Executive Officer of CBC.