Govt Urged to Implement Daylight Energy Saving Policy in Pakistan

By Muhammad Mudassar

ISLAMABAD, June 22 (INP-WealthPK): Energy efficiency and conservation plays a pivotal role in sustainable development through decrease in cost, enhanced access and industrial competitiveness, as well as by achieving the nationally determined contributions (NDCs) targets.

It is true that saving one unit is cheaper than producing a unit of energy. A surge in energy prices has increased the demand, and the depletion of energy resources has forced Pakistan to increase its energy efficiency and conservation efforts.

While talking to WealthPK, Dr Gulfaraz Ahmed, former Secretary of Petroleum at National Energy Efficiency & Conservation Authority (NEECA), stated that energy security ensures economic security, which strengthens national security.

Data shows that when the price of energy rises, energy efficiency also increases with it. Pakistan has the highest price for energy products at the moment, so it’s time to conserve energy.

Dr Gulfaraz said that it is a matter of attitude when it comes to conserving energy. “Pakistan needs to become more energy efficient both on an individual and institutional level. The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) countries create more wealth by using less energy and conserving the environment. The primary goal of energy conservation is to minimize poverty in the society. To meet the global energy demand, continuous large-scale investments are required in order to increase the production capacity,” he said.

Dr Gulfaraz said that globally, the trend in the energy market is towards the use of renewable energy sources such as hydroelectric, solar, and wind power, as well as energy conservation and improved efficiencies. Household and industrial appliances like bulb lights and fans are mostly energy-inefficient in Pakistan. A specification of wattage needs to be clearly stated and should be strictly regulated.

It is imperative that new energy projects ensure the least-cost method of generating electricity. There are four important factors associated with the least-cost electricity production, namely the size of power plant, technology used in the plant, location of the plant, and fuel source.

The government should implement a daylight energy saving policy during summer by advancing time by 1 hour in summer and reverting back to normal during winter. In order to meet the demand for energy in a sustainable manner, rooftop solar panels can prove helpful.

To protect both the environment and human health, it is essential to strictly check and balance the exhaust fumes of transport vehicles.

In terms of conserving energy, irrigation technologies play a very important role. One of the most effective ways to conserve energy is to use sprinkler irrigation systems. House designs, materials, and insulation systems are also important for saving energy.