ICCI & PNRA to collaborate for radioactive sources free products, commodities

ISLAMABAD, Dec 14 (INP): The Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry (ICCI) and the Pakistan Nuclear Regulatory Authority (PNRA) have agreed to develop close collaboration for controlling the chances of any radioactive activity in industrial units in order to ensure the production of radioactive sources free products and commodities.

The consensus was reached during the visit of a PNRA delegation to ICCI led by Muhammad Rahman, Member Executive. The delegation comprised Muhammad Qayyum DG (Licensing & Authorization), Safeer Hussain Head Physical Protection & Nuclear Security Directorate- PPSD, Anayat Ullah & Syed Majid Hussain Shah Principle Scientific Officers.

Member Executive PNRA, Muhammad Rahman briefed the ICCI team about the main functions of his organization and said that scrap was important raw material for metal industry which was usually imported from different countries. However, due to the weak regulatory controls over the sources in the exporting countries, there remained chances of intermingling of radioactive sources within the imported scrap metals.

He said if such sources remained undetected, their untended melting has the potential to cause unnecessary radiation exposure to the public, which would have serious financial, social and economic costs. He said that PNRA intended to develop close liaison with chambers of commerce including ICCI for effective implementation of regulatory requirements in relevant industries to prevent any radioactive sources in production activities.

Muhammad Rahman said that industries should install radiation detection systems to monitor prior or after recycling and assured that PNRA will provide them technical support in selection and procurement of such systems. He said that PNRA was ready to organize free of cost training of industrial manpower in cooperation with ICCI to ensure production of radioactive free products and commodities. He stressed that industries should develop procedures for notification to PNRA and management of radioactive sources if found through detection mechanisms.

Speaking on the occasion, President ICCI Muhammad Shakeel Munir appreciated the role of PNRA for regulating, controlling and supervising all matters related to nuclear safety, nuclear security and radiation protection measures in Pakistan. He said that ICCI would cooperate in identifying the industries which required radiation detection equipment. He said that ICCI would also collaborate in execution of PNRA survey strategy in different industries. He said that ICCI would work with PNRA for compliance of regulatory requirements by industries to prevent radioactive sources/radioactive contamination in scrap and metal products.

Jamshaid Akhtar Sheikh Senior Vice President and Muhammad Faheem Khan Vice President ICCI said that PNRA should organize awareness seminars in trade bodies on regular basis to educate and sensitize the business community about the preventive measures of radioactive contamination and this campaign should be started from ICCI. Both sides discussed a range of issues to make industries and businesses free of radioactive contaminants.