Kangana Ranaut justifies ban on Pakistani artists in India

Monitoring, March 19 (INP): Bollywood actor Kangana Ranaut has shared her views on the ban on Pakistani talent in India and they may not go down well with her fans on this side of the border.

Speaking at the News18 Rising India Summit, the Queen actor supported the ban on Pakistani artists in India.

“At the time of ban on Pakistani artists, the country is vulnerable where people are struggling and trying to cope with emotions. The common sentiment is ‘humko kya lena dena, hum toh artist hai’. This is not going to work. Above everything, you are Indians as well, and when you are talking about boundaries, you can’t go into an esoteric world and say ‘I am an artist’,” Kangana added.

The Simran actor said that Pakistani artists do not pay any taxes to India and on the contrary the Indian soldiers fighting on the border are forced to pay all their due taxes.

Further, she said she does not believe in religion and has come to the conclusion that her only identity is that she is an Indian.

“As a youth, I want to see growth in my life. I have come to this conclusion that if India does not grow then I won’t grow. I am an Indian and born an Indian. I have no other identity,” she said.

“I said in some interview that I am a nationalist. People said ‘oh you are that type of a person’. I was like ‘what do you mean by that kind?’ I personally feel that there is a confusion between these words,” she added.

Citing the example of Americans, she questioned why people in India feel ashamed to stand up for the national anthem. “The Americans stand for their national anthem. Why do we feel ashamed of standing? If you want to learn something from Americans, then learn good things from them.”

Lashing out at those who whine about the lack of infrastructure and cleanliness in India, Kangana said, “I meet people and it has become a cool thing to say bad things about your country. I hear the youths always complaining and whining that ‘the country does not have infrastructure and it is so dirty’… This attitude is not okay. If the country is dirty, then are you the guest?”

Also, declaring herself to be a huge fan of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the actor said, “[The fact] that the son of a chaiwala [tea maker] can become prime minister isn’t just a victory for Modiji, but it is a victory for democracy in our country.”