KP approves land acquisition for extension of M-14 CPEC motorway

ISLAMABAD, April 12 (INP): KP government has appointed collectors to acquire land for a 4-lane controlled-access motorway to extend the nearly-completed M-14 motorway to Zhob city of Balochistan, a KP legislator told Gwadar Pro.

KP government appointed the collectors last week, according to a notification.

According to Faisal Amin Gandapur, a member of KP Assembly from the ruling PTI, there was a missing link in the CPEC western route from Yarik area in D.I. Khan district to Zhob district in Balochistan.

The new motorway will complete the controlled-access route from Islamabad to Zhob, which further leads to Karachi and Gwadar.

M-14 extension project will reduce 60 to 65 kilometers’ distance between Yarik and Zhob. “Presently, the federal government is upgrading N-50 Highway as part of the CPEC western alignment, but this road is lengthy and has no control-access design, so not fit to serve as the main CPEC corridor,” he said.

According to the existing route, vehicles coming from the M-14 will first ply on N-55 (Indus Highway) up to D.I. Khan city to get on N-50 (Dera-Zhob) highway. However, the new motorway will directly connect Zhob-bound traffic to M-14.

“It will not only save time and miles, but will also make travel from Islamabad to Zhob hassle free,” Gandapur said adding the collectors appointed by the government have started working on their assignment.

As per the notification, one collector will be responsible for acquiring land in Lakki tehsil of Lakki Marwat district while 3 collectors have been appointed for Kulachi, Daraban and FR Darazinda areas of D.I. Khan district.

Balochistan government will acquire land for the new motorway in its jurisdiction.

“As per the proposed design, the new motorway will run along the planned CRBC lift canal, which will also help in realisation of this important irrigation scheme,” Gandapur said.

“Moreover, it will pass through the most deprived areas of KP and Balochistan, so it will also improve lives of the people,” he added.