Micro-documentary series launched at China Cultural Center

Islamabad, April 20 (INP): The China Cultural Center in Pakistan has launched the first installment of the micro-documentary film series “Better Tourism, Better Life, Better World” on the cultural center’s VChat official account and Facebook page.

According to a report carried by Gwadar Pro “World Tourism Alliance’s Best Practices in Poverty Alleviation through Tourism” as a blueprint, providing Chinese experience on ways to alleviate poverty, Chinese wisdom in the causes of reducing global poverty and China’s tourism for the global community.

To experience the eradication alleviation of poverty, to tell the story of China’s tourism promotion. The micro-documentary, produced by the World Tourism Alliance, covers more than one province and extends to lower villages in China.

Finally, eight tourism poverty alleviation areas were selected, and documentaries were made. There are eight episodes in total and each episode lasts about 5 minutes.

The whole documentary series is based on people. It is filmed from the perspective of individuals and families, focusing on the interaction between nature and society, focusing on improving and developing people’s livelihoods in affairs, restoring reality through spectacle and tourism in an international context.

The documentary also highlights how the natural gift of “green water and green mountains” has been transformed into “golden and silver mountains”, and tells clear stories of prosperous locals living a prosperous life.

“Explains and identifies the basic concept of tourism. The world and life are better.” This micro-documentary series has received the highest praise and acclaim from the international community.

Starting this week, the China Cultural Center in Pakistan is airing two weekly episodes of the micro-documentary “Better Tourism, Better Life, Better World” on the official Facebook page and VChat official account.

Director China Cultural Center of Pakistan’s personal official page “Zhang He Qing” is simultaneously presenting a micro-documentary film.

Later this month, “World Tourism Alliance’s Best Practices for Poverty Alleviation Tourism Case” 2018, 2019 and 2020 will also be published on the social media page of the China Cultural Center in Pakistan.