Ostrich farms on rise in Punjab

LAHORE, Dec 21 (INP) Livestock & Dairy Development Punjab’s Project (Development of Ostrich Forming in Punjab) registered 54 ostrich forms during year 2016-17 and 80 new Ostrich forms in the current year. The process of registration of new ostrich form is being continued.

Spokesperson of Livestock & Dairy Development Punjab has said that total 6245 Ostrich forms are registered in the province of Punjab. The ostrich age is in between 2 & 15 months. Under this project 2017-18 seven new bridal forms will also be registered. The target set by the Punjab government in 2016-17 is one crore 45 lakh whereas in 2017-18 an amount of Rupees 83 lakh 73 thousand are being awarded as subsidy by the Punjab government.

According to the SOPs under this project Punjab government gave all ostrich registered forms Rs.10,000 subsidy per bird. The spokesman said Livestock & Dairy Development Punjab provided technical facility and vaccination to all registered forms and with the cooperation of Livestock Department fresh meat of ostrich will also be available in all the cities of Punjab.