Pak-China collaboration in agriculture strengthens Agro-based industries: MOFA

ISLAMABAD, March 25 (INP): Active collaboration between Pakistan and China in agriculture will enhance productivity of the agro-based industries in the two countries, Gwadar Pro reported quoting Muhammad Mudassir Tipu, DG,  China Desk, Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

He was addressing here the Pak- China agriculture promotion conference.

Pakistan’s immense agricultural potential can be effectively tapped by sharing best practices on seed quality, phytosanitary protocols, pesticides, research and transfer of agricultural technology, he added.

He congratulated CCPIT Sichuan Council for organizing a well-timed conference and hoped that the it would act as a platform to enhance agricultural cooperation between the two countries under the broader spirit of Belt and Road initiative (BRI).

There still exists a lot of untapped potential for agricultural cooperation between the two countries. On the occasion, Tipu proposed a few points to tap this potential.

He suggested carrying out all-round agricultural exchanges and cooperation and encouraging the two governments, research institutes, associates and agricultural companies to carry out all- round multi-field and in-depth exchanges and cooperation.

To strengthen cooperation in germplasm resources, genetic breeding, pest prevention and control, product processing, capacity building and technology transfer to help Pakistan improve the level of agricultural modernization, increase crop yields and safeguard national food security.

To strengthen communication and coordination to speed up the inspection and quarantine procedures and facilitate the export of cherries, onions, potatoes and other agricultural products to China.

To advance cooperation between agricultural enterprises, China and Pakistan, he added, could establish regular communication channels for information on agricultural industry cooperation to promote B2B business cooperation and encourage both aides to invest in seed industry, agricultural materials, agricultural machinery, agricultural products processing and cold chain warehousing.

Leaders of CCPIT Sichuan Council, Counsul General of Pakistan in Chengdu, along with officials of Sichuan Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs also attended the conference.

In the conference, officials from the ministry of food security and research of Pakistan introduced agricultural cooperation between the two countries and preferential policies for investment in agriculture in Pakistan.

The Agricultural consultant of the Chinese Embassy in Pakistan introduced the fields of agricultural cooperation between China and Pakistan, China’s supporting policies and relevant issues needing attention.

Sichuan enterprise representative shared experience of agricultural collaboration in Pakistan and business introduction of cooperation was given by Pakistan enterprises representative.