Pakistan needed to learn from China exporting quality food

Islamabad, January 23 (INP): Pakistani businessmen needed to learn as how China captured the Word market, exporting quality products.
According to an opinion-article published by Gwadar Pro, China has standardized its food production and storage capacity. State Administration for Market Regulation, National Health and Family Planning Commission, and Food Safety Law are some of the institutional bodies working to maintain the quality of food items.
China has controlled the malpractices of excessive additives, adulteration, and bio-toxins. China has helped countries along BRI with its technology transfers.
The writer is of the view, ” that It is our national need that we learn from China and tries to implement its tested policies and procedures.
China has made food safety possible through social participation, social awareness, governance, regulation, and cultural transformation. This must be replicated here by our government.

Social and cultural transformation is mainly made possible with individual willingness. We should abandon negative practices now.

Society should be made aware that economic prosperity and empowerment are not possible without positive changes in the culture.
Our businessmen manufactures, producers, traders and exporters should make visits to China to know the Chinese culture and its values. They should know their ideals, principles and demands.
They must be aware of their health and nutrition standards, food safety and regulation laws, consumption values and consumer sensitivities.
Without these steps, Chinese markets will remain closed to us. It is also necessary on the part of China that the Chinese authorities should publicize their standards and cultural values in Pakistani local languages, at least in Urdu.
Cross-cultural communication compels that both Pakistan and China should know each other and make them known to each other. China’s trade with Pakistan, especially exports to China, heavily depend on the cultural knowledge of Pakistan. Culture is the foundation of trade and commerce.

Pakistan is self-sufficient in major staple food items including grains and dairy products. This self-sufficiency has given rise to hopes of exporting food products to other countries.
The construction of CPEC trade route is expected to boost mutual trade between China and Pakistan.
We are lucky that China has an iron friendship with Pakistan. We can become developed with the support and cooperation of China.
But this requires that we qualify for this cooperation with China. Mere favors  will not work until we transform our cultural attitudes and trends.
Pakistan can export milk, meat, butter, spices, traditional sweets, and bakery items to China. There is a great scope of it. However, the mere presence of market and demand is not enough surety that Pakistan will export these items to the Chinese market.
Only quality products meeting the standard parameters can be exported to the Chinese markets. There is no compromise in this regard.

One of the major hurdles in the way of our exports is the practice of adulteration, contamination, and unawareness.”

The article added, “Our food authorities are a recent phenomenon. These authorities are not strong enough to ensure food safety and keep a check on the malpractices. They lack testing technology, technical human resources, infrastructure and administrative capacities.