Pakistan to apply China’s AI tech in cervical cancer screening

BEIJING, April 10 (INP): Pakistan will promote the implementation of the AI-assisted diagnostic technologists in cervical cancer monitoring, said Moin ul Haque, the Pakistani Ambassador to China.

According to Gwadar Pro, Haque made the remarks while visiting Wuhan Landing Medical High-tech Co., Ltd. (Landing) that has developed diagnostic devices and a novel service model to offer more accurate and affordable screening services.

Haque visited the company’s “AI plus Big data” cervical cancer monitoring cloud platform and laboratory. Dr Sun Xiaorong, President of Landing, briefed the ambassador about the application of AI-assisted diagnostic technologists in cervical cancer monitoring and the implementation plan for Pakistan.

At a seminar on China-Pak cooperation on cervical cancer screening held at Landing, Haque said that the short of professionals and laboratories in cervical cancer monitoring is a common problem faced by developing countries.

Fortunately, Landing, a highly specialized company, emerges. The Pak-China cooperation in cervical cancer monitoring assisted by AI technology, will make the Chinese self-developed and innovation sci-tech achievement benefit more countries and regions participating in the “Belt and Road Initiative (BRI)”.

At the seminar, Zhao Baige, the chairwoman of the Advisory Committee of BRI International Think Tank at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said the AI Cloud diagnosis platform based on Big data, has made a successful practice of carrying out high-quality and low-cost cervical cancer screening service in rural communities.

Taking AI technology in cervical cancer screening in Pakistan was listed as one of the key projects for public well-being under the framework of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) at the 9th Meeting of the Joint Cooperation Committee (JCC) of CPEC held in 2019.

According to the relevant MOU, the program would adopt Landing’s AI technology to take free cervical cancer screening for 10,000 women in Gwadar, establish research and cloud diagnosis centres by taking the AI technology and build a cervical cancer screening platform to serve people across Pakistan.

Landing, based in Wuhan China, is a worldwide leader in integrating AI, big data, computer vision, microscopy and robotic control technologies for cervical cancer screening.

Large-scale application of this technology has been proven successful in several provinces of China, including Hubei, Yunnan and Shanxi.
Landing’s technology has been carried out in Hubei Province since 2017. By the end of 2020, totally 1.45 million screenings had been conducted in this province.