Pakistani volunteer plays a role in fighting COVID-19 in Xi’an China

BEIJING, Jan. 27 (INP) A Pakistani volunteer Muzammil Hussain plays a role in fighting COVID-19 in Xi’an China, China Economic Net (CEN) reported on Thursday.

Hussain, a Pakistani student from Punjab now pursuing his PhD degree at Northwestern Polytechnical University (NPU), Xi’an city, China.

“I came to China in 28th of September 2017. China is our best friend and Chinese government awarded me a scholarship so that I could complete my higher education. I am thankful for that,” said Hussain.

“I have learned Chinese language, which makes me a new Chinese version of myself. It really helped me develop my communication skills. Chinese people are very friendly and cooperative,” Hussain told CEN.

Hussain recalled that he had a surgery in September 2021. The Chinese surgeon, his teachers and classmates all took good care of him. “My teacher kept in touch with the doctor and my friends have been visiting me. I really appreciated for that,” said Hussain.

When the pandemic suddenly outbroke in Xi’an at the end of 2021, Hussain came forward and joined in the volunteer team of NPU.

“In my hard time, my teachers and friends have helped me. I have learned from them how to do volunteer work. I am a member of NPU. I felt duty bound to help my school to fight against pandemic,” said Hussain.

“Well, it’s been a month for me to work as a volunteer at NPU. At the early days of pandemic, I was responsible for taking students to do COVID-19 nucleic acid test,” said Hussain.

“Though just a few words ‘taking students to do tests’, it is not an easy work. Actually, Hussain and other volunteers have to explain to each student how serious the pandemic is and why everyone has to do tests more than once. Hussain proved to be quite a treasure of a volunteer,” said Mr Zhang Xi, a teacher of NPU, who stayed with Hussain and other volunteers during the lockdown.

Hussain said, “I am in charge of distributing daily necessities such as masks, sanitizers and gloves. Sometimes, I work as a food distributor in the dormitory as we get food and fruits from different cities like Beijing and Liuzhou etc.”

“Helping my school fight against pandemic as a volunteer makes me feel good,” he added.

Zhang spoke highly of Hussain and other volunteers. He told CEN that volunteers played a crucial role in the fight against COVID-19 at NPU.

With the lift of lockdown, Xi’an has resumed work and production after being designated low-risk for COVID-19 in all areas on Monday.

Hussain told CEN that, “I am very excited to watch the upcoming Beijing Winter Olympics. It will be a great event in the history of China. I wish to watch this great event with friends.”

When talking about future plan, Hussain said, “I will be ready to participate in China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) if they need people from IT related major.” Hussain said “CPEC helps Pakistan’s infrastructure development, but also creates jobs opportunities for Pakistanis. It will enhance our friendship and give us an opportunity to work together. Both countries can be stronger. Live long China-Pakistan friendship!”