Partnership Signed for Mainstreaming Media Entrepreneurship in Digital Storytelling.


Islamabad, PK – 03 March 2021 – The Centre for Excellence in Journalism (CEJ) and RINSTRA Technologies Pvt. Ltd. signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to work together to build students’ digital storytelling skills. This agreement will enable digital skills through interactive workshops, seminars, and courses, with RINSTRA providing its state-of-the-art platform for digital docu-film festivals and theme-based video competitions.


Speaking on the occasion, Kamal Siddiqi, Director of the Center for Excellence in Journalism at the Institute of Business Administration (CEJ-IBA) said, “this partnership with Rinstra will help our students test their digital storytelling ideas and creative expressions. We are hoping to generate new ideas around social challenges and economic opportunities with Rinstra through content competitions and documentary film festivals. This will be a great opportunity for the creative minds at CEJ and its alumni of more than 2000 professionals associated with us to create a new genre of media-entrepreneurship in the country.”

Dr. Adil Akhtar, Co-founder and Chairman of RINSTRA in his message said, “through this collaboration, CEJ-IBA and RINSTRA will create short-form storytelling techniques i.e. movies, dramas, music videos, theater, documentaries and videos for RINSTRA and other digital platforms.” He further said, “RINSTRA is the gateway for Pakistani content and talent to the local and international media markets and digital platforms. Rising stars on iRINSTRA are promoted on the main RINSTRA platform that will open-up global opportunities for the creative minds in the country and beyond.” The state-of-the-art RINSTRA platform allows content creators to discover, create, showcase, and monetize their content creation and creative pursuits.


Amir Jahangir, Chief Executive Officer RINSTRA said, “this partnership is important to enable young storytellers to be equipped with digital skills that can help them sustain their creative pursuits and economic wellbeing. RINSTRA has a vision to create 1,000,000 content creators in the next five years, that can create a new digital creative economy surpassing US$ 150 million in the country.”