Plenum reflects China’s peaceful development under CPC

Muhammad Zamir Assadi:

Communiqué of the Sixth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China is a reflection of China’s peaceful development under the leadership of Communist Party of China.

The high quality development of China’s economy shows the will and commitment of China’s system that every effort will be put into action to maintain the long term and sustainable economy.

The international community is witness to the strength of economic growth of China as it has not only benefited to the local businesses and people but also benefited to the international economies as well.
The strength and quality of Chinese economy is emerging as a strong toll and engine for the global economic system and it is also the need of the time to put more efforts for global economic recovery facing the ravaging impacts of COVID19.

The performance of Chinese economy since the implementation of reforms and opening up policies have got the strong base and solid momentum that is energizing the international economic activities of developing and develop countries.