‘Print, electronic media playing positive role in society’

RAWALPINDI, June 23 (INP):  Senior journalist and Editor of Independent News Pakistan (INP) Aftab Chaudhry has said that both the print and electronic media are playing a positive role in the society.

Aftab Chaudhry addressing the media seminar “Is media nowadays working towards resolving conflicts or raising the conflicts” here at Fatima Jinnah Women University. Rawalpindi, said the print and electronic media are definitely contributing in resolving the conflicts as they are accountable and working under rules and regulations.

On the contrary, he said social media is completely unbridled and definitely a major source of rising conflicts in the society as there exist no regulatory body to control it.

Besides, the event was addressed by Sanaullah Khan Anchor and Bureau Chief of Dawn News and Dr Ayesha Qamar, Assistant Professor FJWU. It was organized under the supervision of Ms. Sanniya Muazzam.

At the end of the seminar, Ms Shehla Adnan, Assistant Professor, FJWU, presented the souvenirs to the guests.

The seminar was organized under the supervision of Ms Sanniya Muazzam.