Saudi Arabia releases new detailed images of Maqam Ibrahim in Mecca’s Grand Mosque

MAKKAH, May 05 (INP): Saudi Arabia released never-before-seen detailed images of the Maqam Ibrahim, or the Station of Abraham, located in Mecca’s Grand Mosque.
The General Presidency for the Affairs of the Two Holy Mosques captured the details of the Station of Abraham with a new technique that uses stacked panoramic focus.

A day earlier, authorities released similar high-definition pictures of the Black Stone– known as the Hajar Aswad in Arabic.
Maqam Ibrahim is the stone that bears the imprint of where the Prophet Ibrahim stood while building the Kaaba when the walls became too high.

The stone is enshrined with a gold, silver, and glass frame to preserve the prophet’s footprints.
Muslims believe that the stone in which the footprints are imprinted descended directly from heaven along with the famous Black Stone.

Detailed Pictures of Maqam e Ibrahim (Station of Abraham) taken recently.

General information:
Shape: a square, with the footprints of the Prophet Ibraham – peace be upon him – which are two oval pits in the middle
• Color: between white, black and yellow.
• Size: Wwidth, length and height are of 50 cm.

Location: In front of the Ka’bah Gate,
10-11 meters east of the Kaaba, in the part leading to Safa and Marwah.
• The archaeological stone upon which Ibrahim – upon him be peace – stood was built when building the Holy Ka’bah