Saudi women participate efficiently in serving the pilgrims

The presence of the Police providing by the Holy Capital is quiet noticable the Afnan Areej in police capital role during the hajj She said one have season of Hajj during this season work immediately with out any delay. Our work in other days are different as we are twenty four hour job and we switch in shifts work and doing the work and update the information to the authorities. Afnan feels proud as she and his colleagues proven the competence in this sector. Moreover afnan said It is our dream we are first group to work and this is very special thing that they had been no such batch coming before us that is our proud.

Areej the graduate of English literature involve this year in the work of Holy Capital police and she has a major job in the administrative work. Areej said I enter this work to complete my fathers job my father already work this so i like this work in order to serve my country and my people and more work in my community .

The Hajj season is exceptional with exceptional efforts the authorities along with women manage to excel in order to serve the pilgrims.