SCO members tapping Pakistani markets to boost digital economy: Badar uz Zaman

BEIJING, Dec 13 (INP): Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) members are tapping Pakistani markets to boost digital economy, said Badar uz Zaman, Commercial Counsellor here at Pakistan embassy.

Digital Economy is interlinked with innovation and wide infrastructure. Both of these aspects are still untapped from Pakistan’s perspective.

Therefore Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) members will use the Pakistani market, its resources to boost its digital economy, he said while addressing a seminar on the Digital Economy Driving SCO innovation and Development, according to a report published by Gwadar Pro.

He added, Pakistan has implemented digital reforms in various aspects such as government management and infrastructure and promoted the overall efficiency of social operations.

Pakistan and China have already an Optical Fiber Cable Project under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. This project would help improving the ICT and telecom industry, promote tourism, IA, 4G, 5G, and other related industries in Pakistan.

“We have a stronger need to set up data centers in Pakistan and under the safe city projects. Some top Chinese companies like Huawei, JD. Com and Tencent could send their delegations to Pakistan to discuss further cooperation”, Badar added.

“Recently, we are seeing more than 30% IT export growth. Therefore, I believe that if these events are organized, SEO may provide a very strong platform for further collaborations on the digital economy and innovation sector”, he mentioned.

The Commercial Counsellor said that Pakistan is ready to provide all kinds of facilitation, to share the benefits of the digital economy with member countries.