SCO to evolve an action plan to combat terrorism: Official

BEIJING, June 8 (INP): The two-day-long 18th SCO summit, scheduled to open on Saturday in Qingdao will take up a wide-ranging agenda, including future-course of action to combat terrorism.

The summit will suggest ways and means to contain the “three evil forces” terrorism, extremism and separatism, and will expand cooperation for regional peace and stability, said Zhang Xinfeng, director of the Executive Committee of SCO’s Regional Anti-Terrorism Agency.

The Qingdao Summit is the first one being held after Pakistan and India join the organization as its full-members.

Heads of state from the SCO members will gather in this beautiful coastal city to draw a new blueprint and set the SCO on a new journey, an official of the SCO’s announced here on Friday.

Over the past 17 years, the SCO member states have followed the trend of peace, development, cooperation and mutual benefit and turned the two wheels of security and economy to move together.

They’ve also worked together to combat terrorism, separatism and extremism, safeguarded regional security and stability and boosted regional economic cooperation.

The concrete efforts have produced fruitful achievements, benefiting all the member states and their peoples.

India and Pakistan’s accession to the SCO has broadened the organization’s development space, given it a wider stage to play its role and made it more influential.

The SCO has always kept the original aspiration in mind and advanced with the times with the “Shanghai Spirit” as a beacon.

The Shanghai Spirit, featuring mutual trust, mutual benefit, equality, consultation, respecting diverse civilizations and seeking common development, remains the foundation and soul of the organization.

The set of values evolving with the times, which is upheld by the member states, has injected inexhaustible impetus into their development and provided useful practice for the construction of a new type of international relations and a community with shared future for mankind.

Standing at the new historical starting point, the SCO member states will continue to uphold the “Shanghai Spirit”, consolidate solidarity and mutual trust, deepen cooperation in various fields, work together to bring the SCO into a new era, make new achievements and contribute more to maintaining common security and promoting common development, the official added.