Shahid Kapoor talks about being cheated on in relationship

MUMBAI, March 21 (INP) – Bollywood actor Shahid Kapoor has revealed that he has been cheated on many times in love.

Speaking in a talk show, Shahid reportedly said that he was sure about one, but had “major doubts about another one.”

Kapoor was asked if he is talking about those two famous actresses whom he dated, he refused to take their names, retorting, “I cannot name them.”

The actor was questioned whether he has fallen in love with any of his co-stars, he revealed that he fell in love with two of them, saying, “Someone very famous once cheated on me.”

Shahid further termed his wife Mira as his lucky charm.

“Mira has always been lucky for me. Every time she has accompanied me, I have won an award! But this year, since I have not been nominated in any categories, I didn’t bring her along (laughs).”