SHC cancels tender of education department

KARACHI, April 23 (INP): The Sindh High Court has cancelled the tender of the education department issued for the purchase of desks in 2019.

The education department had called for a tender for the purchase of desks in 2019.

In these tenders, approved rate of Rs 25300 per desk was sanctioned to the contractors at 4 times more expensive price whereas earlier the school education had purchased the desks at Rs 6110.

The procurement committee comprising private persons which was buying desks worth Rs 25300 was challenged in the high court by a local company which had earlier supplied these decks at Rs 6110.

On the occasion, arguments were given by the lawyers of the parties and after hearing all the arguments, the apex court directed that instead of buying such expensive desks in the name of wood, the school education department should purchase its own desks made of material according to the present times.

It said, revisit which will not only save billions of rupees in funds and also give children the opportunity to sit on modern style furniture.

It should be noted that in 2019, when the price of this desks was given on the website of the Sindh Procurement Regulatory Authority, there was a lot of talk on social media about it.

With the cancellation of this tender, funds of about three and a half billion rupees remained safe from embezzlement.

In this tender, the Education Department School Education Committee comprised private people and which is in violation of Sindh Public Procurement Rule 7, is still functioning and has already issued tenders for procurement of goods worth billions of rupees. No action has been taken by the authorities so far.