Smog issue: Punjab govt imposes ban on burning of agri-residues

ISLAMABAD, Nov 03 (INP): The Government of Punjab has imposed ban on the burning of agriculture residues, municipal solid waste, tyre, plastic, polythene bags, rubber and leather items.

According to a notification issued by the Government of Punjab, the ban was imposed on the request made by the Environment Protection Department.

The ban shall remain in force in the province for a period with effect from October 18 to December, 16, 2017 unless modified, it added.

It said that the burning of agriculture residues is not appreciable activity by virtue of its multiple negative effects, which is being carried out due to dearth of compatible machines, high labour wages and planting of next crop at the earliest.

It said that the burning practices have been observed in paddy areas for preparation of the seed bed for the next crop, which create smog in the atmosphere.

It said that Province of Punjab suffered from the worst kind of smog during the last winter, in addition to causing the poor visibility, which effected daily life and various health issues as well.