Solar power equipment, LED lights delight Gwadar locals

ISLAMABAD, May 29 (INP) – The solar power equipment donated by the Chinese government to the needy families here not only light up their homes but also delight their hearts, says a report carried by Gwadar Pro App on Friday.

The equipment including 4000 sets of solar photovoltaic systems and LED lights were donated to local people without access to electricity by China’s Ministry of Ecology and Environment at the end of April 2020.
Now, some of these families have used the solar photovoltaic systems. Wahag Baloch is one of them. “I felt so excited, “said Wahag as he recalled the first day when he fixed the solar panels and turned on the light.

He said in the past, there was electricity supply for some hours in a day. Sometimes, there was no electricity for one day or two days.

“Now I have gotten a solar (photovoltaic system). There is light in my house 24 hours. It’s good. Lights are superb,” said Wahag. He added that he hopes other people can also get a solar photovoltaic system.