Surgeons operate children with cleft lip and palate  

Islamabad, May 6 (INP): Islamabad Cleft Lip and Palate Association (ICLAPA) continued the process of providing medical services to the children with cleft lip and palate in spite of the ongoing wave of the corona virus.

An ICLAPA’s team of surgeons conducted surgery upon a number of affected children in the recent weeks. According to the Association’s senior member Mrs. Farhat Akhtar Rehman, the surgery took place at the Fuji Foundation Hospital and Heart International.

Some of the affected children are on the waiting list for receiving the medical aid.  Mrs. Farhat said Chinese doctors who used to visit Pakistan for undertaking the surgery could not join the Pakistani doctors this time due to the epidemic.

The Association has been doing this noble task providing free medical services to affected children for the last many years with the support of some philanthropists.

The ICLAPA was a group of volunteers which relied on donors to bring hope and happiness in the lives of people, for whom it is financially difficult to get treated their children.

Nearly 10000 children with these deformities are born every year in Pakistan and alarmingly a large number of kids with these deformities are waiting to be operated upon.

The parents of the affected children have been asked to contact Mrs. Farhat on her residence telephone number 051-2851384/2251275 or cell number 0300-5192490 to get them registered.