UN SC adopts China-drafted resolution on security of peacekeepers: Spokesperson

BEIJING, May 26 (INP):.With China’s facilitating efforts, the UN Security Council adopted through consensus the China-drafted presidential statement on the safety and security of peacekeepers.

According to a spokesperson of Chinese Foreign Ministry Zhao Lijian, this will make further requirements on having regular and institutional Security Council deliberations on the issue of the safety and security of peacekeepers, ensuring COVID-19 vaccination for peacekeepers, and using new technologies to ensure the safety and security of peacekeepers.

This presidential statement has become another guideline for the safety and security of peacekeepers.

United Nations peacekeeping operations represent an important means for the maintenance of international peace and security. At present, the security risks faced by peacekeepers have increased significantly.

As the UNSC rotating president, China, together with other UNSC members, developed targeted and pragmatic measures on the outstanding security challenges facing peacekeepers, and formulated a presidential statement, which reflects the new consensus of the Security Council on safeguarding the safety and security of peacekeepers under the new circumstances.

As a permanent member of the Security Council, the largest troop contributor to peacekeeping operations among the five permanent members, and the chair of the Group of Friends on the Safety and Security of peacekeepers, China will continue to work with all parties to better safeguard the safety and security of peacekeepers.

This will better bring into play the important role of peacekeeping operations in maintaining international peace and security.