Video clip showing expats being assaulted is old: Riyadh Police

RIYADH, April 20 (INP): The video clip that went viral recently on social media purporting to show a citizen and an expatriate beating up several expatriates is old, dating back to 2015, said the spokesman of Riyadh Region Police Maj. Khalid Al-Kreidees, adding that the measures had been taken then in line with the regulations against the assaulters.

According to the report of Saudi Gazette that Maj. Al-Kreidees also said that the uploading of old video clips in which judicial measures have already been taken aims to give the public the impression that they are new cases. This is contrary to the facts and misleads public opinion within the Kingdom and abroad.

The Ministry of Interior stresses that the Kingdom’s regulations are implemented on everyone who violates the regulations and commits an assault on others, irrespective of his nationality or whether he is a citizen or expatriate.