Xinjiang responding to allegations with contentment

Muhammad Zamir Assadi

The dramatically significant development of the pluralistic and diverse region of China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region has dismissed the propaganda peddled by those western elements, who in practically have never visited the fascinating land.

The narratives pushed forward by some elements in the west including media outlets, think tanks and officials does not match to the pace of the development of region.

Since October 1st 1955, the day when Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region was established under the visionary leadership of Communist Party of China (CPC), it opened up a new chapter of historical development of the region.

In the duration of last 65 years, Xinjiang have maintained a pace of peaceful and sustainable development that have not only provided the prosperous lives to the local residents but also laid the solid foundation of international trade relationship with other countries.

Following the implementation of the policies formulated by the governments to meet the needs of the locals have shown splendid results as the remarkable development have been witnessed on various fronts in the region.

The tranquility of the region and the dedication of the people shows that all ethnic groups in Xinjiang are treated equally and they have fully enjoyed the rights to life and progress.

The false accusations levelled up by the specific groups are only an ideological prejudice that reflects their shallow minded approach, who do not want to praise the efforts of the Chinese leadership and commitment of the people for evolving the region as a hub of economic development.

Those elements involved in spearheading the misleading accusations must keep in mind that the China always remained consistent in implementation of its policies for the betterment of people, so the efforts of those agenda driven elements will be badly failed.

Such media reports and double standards of some western so-called officials is only an eye wash that can never achieve their goals.

The resources and energies allocated by those elements for propagation against China is a futile exercise and will always be responded with more prosperity, unity and contentment.

Although China faced a biased and manipulated criticism from some of the foreign elements but the region did not lost its path of development and prosperity and remained committed to its agenda of progress.

The people from various ethnicities in the region under the collective guidance of CPC and the national leadership worked hard in unity and forged ahead with determination for achieving the goal of modern construction.

As per the local government work report delivered to the annual session of the regional legislature, it was told that despite the impact of covid-19, Xinjiang’s economy expanded 3.4 percent year on year in 2020, 1.1 % higher than the national GDP growth.

It was also briefed that the region has eliminated absolute poverty, with some 3.06 million people lifted out of poverty in the past 5 years.

The economic data shows that the economy of the region has grown rapidly with comprehensive strength substantially increasing, the construction of infrastructure has recorded smooth growth while the environment for investment and development is improving with the passage of the time.

With the efforts of central and provincial government, Xinjiang is thriving and flourishing ahead by responding to the false claims made by western mind set and have been maintaining a momentum of smooth development.

By keeping in mind the glorious development of the region, interference of US in Xinjiang affairs is a clear fascism as the government have mobilized all of their resources to provide the prosperous lives to local citizens equally and transparently for all the ethnicities.

To understand the various dynamics for the development in China and especially in Xinjiang, it is necessary for the critics to visit the region as Beijing has multiple times offered for the visits to the marvelous land.

Chinese central government have many times arranged the visits of journalists, scholars, academicians and others to experience the on ground practical situation of the ethnicities.

The people who have visited the region have always admired the pace of development in the region gained smoothly under the policies driven by CPC.

Around 158 million people have visited Xinjiang in 2020 despite pandemic that shows the region is very much open to welcome you for experiencing the culture and social values & norms of the society.

By visiting the land, you get aware with the genuine facts regarding the prosperity of the region achieved under the leadership of CPC.

The developments happening in the region will only get your acknowledgement when you will sincerely open your eyes and mind for analyzing the situation neutrally.

Xinjiang has attracted the attention of millions from around the world following transformation of their backward region to the progressive one.

Leading the people of the region, CPC made significant achievements, while also experiencing many twists and turns.

Both the experience and the lessons drawn from the course of development enabled the region to walk on the road of reform and opening up.

The resilience of all the ethnicities in China have won the applause of those who have been visiting the 2nd largest economy of the world and it is far sure that journey of the nation for securing the glory and great renewal will be constant by availing all the opportunities of cherishing peace.

The author is a diplomatic correspondent of Independent News Pakistan and media fellow of China South Asia and South East Asia Press Centre.