Yasmeen Rashid backs her statements over Nawaz’s reports

LAHORE, Nov 25 (INP): Punjab Health Minister Dr. Yasmeen Rashid on Monday backed her statements over former prime minister Nawaz Sharif’s health reports.

Dr. Yasmeen Rashid in an interview with a British newspaper said the Sharif’s medical board had said that Nawaz Sharif cannot walk even, due to severity of his health issues.

She said the best facilities were provided to the PML-N supremo in the light of reports prepared by Sharif’s medical board.

The minister said doctors had said in their recommendations that some of the Sharif’s tests can be done abroad.

Prime Minister Imran Khan and some of the cabinet members have expressed reservations on the health of the former prime minister.

The premier in his fiery Speech in Mianwali, last week, had criticized the Sharif family.