Abbasi announces new party 'Awam Pakistan Party'Breaking

July 06, 2024

Former premier Shahid Khaqan Abbasi announced the formation of a new political party named 'Awam Pakistan Party'. According to the channel report, the party's General Secretary will be Miftah Ismail who delivered a passionate speech at the party's inaugural event on Saturday. Miftah Ismail highlighting the party agenda emphasised the need for systemic change in Pakistan. He criticized the current system as one designed for the elite and described it as a predator-prey system. He highlighted the dire situation of 40% of the country's children who have no prospects, questioning the utility of a government that fails to bring any improvement. Ismail also pointed out the disproportionate tax burden on salaried individuals while vast landowners remain untaxed. "What kind of government runs like the East India Company?" he asked, criticizing the lack of support for the middle class. He lamented that Pakistan is lagging behind all neighbouring countries and that the youth are so desperate to leave the country they risk drowning in the ocean. "We will not let this system continue," he vowed, calling for an overhaul to ensure a fairer and more equitable society.

Credit: Independent News Pakistan