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Taliban denies reported death of leader Mullah Omar

WASHINGTON, July 29 (INP): The Afghan Taliban and sources close to the insurgent group’s upcoming peace talks with the Afghan government in Pakistan this week are rejecting reports that fugitive Taliban chief Mullah Omar is dead. A Taliban spokesman, when contacted by VOA, insisted that the group's Nfull story

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SC rejects plea to include Pervez Elahi, Hamid Gul & Ijaz Shah in BB murder case
News Image ISLAMABAD , July 30 (INP) The Supreme Court (SC) of Pakistan on Thursday rejected plea seeking inclusion of names of provincial president of Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid-e-Azam (PML-Q) Ch Pervez Elahi, former director general (DG)of ISI Hamid Gul and former DG Intelligence Bureau (IB) Ijaz Shah in Benazir Bhutto murder case.More
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5 killed in Gurdaspur terror attack in Indian Punjab ; Rajnath says vigil stepped up along India-Pakistan border
News Image NEW DELHI, July 27 (INP) India tightened security on its border with Pakistan on Monday after terrorists dressed in army uniform stormed a police station in East Punjab's Gurdaspur district, killing at least five people and injuring several others. The dead included three civilians and two homeguards. Unconfirmed reports, however, put the death toll at eight.More
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Huawei launches P8 max smartphones globally
ISLAMABAD, April 18 (INP): The latest addition to Huawei’s feature-rich and user-friendly, P-Series smartphones are the Dual SIM, P8 and the P8 max. The beautiful P8 max boasts; 4G technology with a larger 6.8-inch screen, longer battery life, elegant metal ID design, a unique camera and extraordinary light painting capabilities. With a Kirin 930 Octa-Core, 64-bit chipset, it delivers an outstanding performance that outpaces the smartphones market by 20 percent, along with superb connectivity.  
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Veena Malik gives birth to baby boy, names Abram
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VIRGINIA, Sept 23 (INP): Pakistani actor Veena Malik gave birth to a baby boy on Monday in Virginia and named him Abram Khan Khattak, the actor told on phone. The family sources of the actor told that Veena and the baby boy were in good health, however, they would remain in the hospital for couple of days until the complete recovery of the mother.
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انکوائری کمیشن نے عام انتخابات کو منصفانہ اور قانون کے مطابق قرار دیدیا ، الیکشن کے بعد جو کچھ ہوا اسے فراموش کرتے ہیں ، قوم کا وقت ضائع کرنیوالے تعمیری سیاست کریں ، کسی بھی طرح سے دھاندلی ثابت نہیں کی جاسکی ، انکوائری کمیشن نے انصاف کے تمام تقاضے پورے کیے ، اشتعال انگیزیوں کے باوجود صبر اور تحمل کا مظاہرہ کیا گیا ، پہلی بار منتخب حکومت نے خود کو کٹہرے میں کھڑا کیا ، بے یقینی اور عدم استحکام پیدا کرنے والے عناصر کی حوصلہ شکنی کرنی چاہیے ، رپورٹ ہمارے موقف اور عوامی مینڈیٹ کی توثیق ہے ، آپریشن ضرب عضب کامیابی سے جاری ، مسلح افواج اور سیکیورٹی اداروں کی کارکردگی مثالی ہے

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