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U.S., China must understand each other "more fully": KissingerBreaking

January 20, 2023

NEW YORK,  (Xinhua) -- The United States and China must understand each other "more fully" and cultivate a relationship more compatible with peace and progress in the world, former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger has said.

That leaders from both countries met recently in Bali and stated an intention to reverse the worrisome trend in the bilateral ties is a good sign, said Kissinger in his video remarks to the annual New Year gala of the China General Chamber of Commerce -- USA (CGCC-USA) held in New York on Wednesday evening.

The seasoned diplomat said he welcomes "the decisions that have been made to foster dialogue in so many fields," adding, "China has made a number of practical steps in that direction."

"Each nation needs to understand the other more fully," said the 99-year-old veteran diplomat and strategist, who served under two U.S. presidents, Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford.

"While working together, we can achieve great things, not just for our countries, but also for humanity," said Kissinger.

He noted that "China and the United States have different perceptions of culture and of how to conduct themselves," and this "needs to be understood by both sides."

Kissinger also underscored the importance of using "intellectual, political, and historic visions" to achieve the desired relationship, adding he has "every hope and expectation that this process will lead to the results that the people all over the world expect."

Kissinger was honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award by the CGCC-USA at Wednesday's event to recognize his achievements as a trailblazer and lifelong contributor to U.S.-China relations.