COMSATS, Engro ink capacity building MoU

September 29, 2022

COMSATS University of Islamabad signed a research project agreement with the Engro Foundation and Engro Polymers and Chemicals Ltd. Through a trans-disciplinary approach, the project aims to understand the socio-economic and political factors that contribute to the low implementation of the Basel Amendments, according to a press statement received by WealthPK.

To this end, value-chain analysis, social network analysis, and a study of policy coherence will be conducted. The project hopes to improve government stakeholders' capacity and aid them in creating a policy action plan using these research outputs. The project is funded by Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research.

COMSATS University Islamabad Acting Rector Prof. Sajid Qamar offered a brief outline of the university's goals, programmes, and research activities during his speech. He highlighted CUI's research and development initiatives, highlighting those focused on climate change and environmental research at its many campuses. The gathering was briefed on the project's anticipated objectives as well as its activities by the project team leader Dr. Jabir Hussain Syed. With respect to the import and export of hazardous waste from Pakistan, in particular, the initiative would be vital in enhancing the capacity of government ministries and agencies, he stated.

In her concluding remarks, Parliamentary Secretary on Climate Change Naz Baloch said that as a result of unexpected and unplanned weather occurrences brought on by local climate change, a third of Pakistan is presently going through a catastrophic flood catastrophe. She voiced worry about how the developed world's increasing greenhouse gas emissions were affecting countries like Pakistan and calling for long-term mitigating efforts. She asserted that Pakistan's lack of understanding of environmental issues, such as plastic pollution, calls for immediate action if it is to save the environment and realise the objective of a clean and green Pakistan.

Credit: Independent News Pakistan-WealthPk