Seminar stresses enhanced contacts with Central Asian countries

September 29, 2022

Four academics from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan participated as guest speakers in a one-day international seminar on "Regional Connectivity: Central Asian Perspective" organized by the Department of Political Science of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Women University Peshawar (SBBWUP) in collaboration with Area Study Centre of University of Peshawar.

For a four-week research program, these scholars were received by the Area Study Centre (Russia, China, and Central Asia) of University of Peshawar. The vice chancellor of SBBWUP Prof. Dr. Safia Ahmed met with the delegation of Central Asian scholars and faculty members from the department of political science and the area study center before a seminar held to discuss various aspects of regional connectivity between Pakistan and Central Asia.

The Vice Chancellor talked about opportunities for SBBWU and academic institutions in Central Asian countries to collaborate on research and exchange faculty and students. Additionally, the delegates went on tours of the institute's various divisions.

The seminar started with the presentation by Ibrokhimov I. Feruzbek, Senior Research Fellow at the Information-analytical Center for International Relations (IACIR) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Uzbekistan.

He highlighted the development projects between Pakistan and Central Asian countries. He said that some of these projects which will end by 2025, are expected to further enhance connectivity between Pakistan and Central Asian countries.

Almas Tussipzanov, Chief Expert at Centre for Analysis and Prognosis “Open World”, Kazakhstan, emphasized the need for extended efforts to increase people-to-people contact. He also underlined women’s role in this regard, particularly in the fields of business and education.

Abai Zurdinov, Researcher at the Department of IR and Law, Diplomatic Academy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kyrgyz Republic, highlighted educational exchange opportunities and increased trade linkages between the two countries.

Dr Muhammad Ali Dinakhel, Research Associate at Area Study Centre, focused on the shared literary, linguistic, and historical links between the two regions.

Dr. Zarmina Baloch, assistant professor in the department of political science at SBBWUP, expressed hope that the event would be crucial in promoting regional connectivity between Pakistan and Central Asia.

Dr. Sadaf Bashir, head of the department of political science at SBBWUP, emphasized the importance of digital connectivity in fostering regional cooperation and connectivity.

Muhammadsaidzoda Abubakar, Specialist at Department of the Regional Security Issues Studies, Centre for Strategic Studies under the President of the Republic of Tajikistan, talked about CASA -1000 electricity project. He said that the project would help resolve Pakistan’s energy needs and open up Pakistan’s market to Central Asia.

Credit: Independent News Pakistan-WealthPk