OHCHR’s Xinjiang report emerges as highly dubious, released haphazardlyBreaking

September 28, 2022

A United Nations Human Rights body's Xinjiang report emerges as highly dubious, released haphazardly, according to a media report. The report says,  it clearly violates given mandate of OHCHR, negates UN policies of non interference in member States’ internal matters. Report released in a very shady manner at a time when HCHR Office was vacant, without any head -Release timings, unverified substance of the report makes it technically knocked out, null and void.
Surprisingly, two earlier report of 2018 and 2019 by OHCHR including one by Michele Bachelet herself over the HR abuses in Diputed Kashmir were thrown in the dust bin by UN’s HR body with no discussion taking place at all on this issue despite OHCHR recormending formation of Fact Finding Commission over it.
Outgoing HCHR Michele Bachelet shared her official view about HR situation in Xinjiang at the end of her China trip at her official Press Conference with the Global Media in May this year.
In her official about China at International Press Conference Michele Bachelet praised China for making great development for its people through steps like poverty elimination, Protection of Women’s Right and China’s Human Rights Action Plan etc and expressed the hope of OHCHR’s very productive engagement with Chinese government in future.
After her Press Conference, Michele Bachelet and her Office started facing acute wrath and rage of the US government officials, Media and the Western groups.
Prima Facie, Michele Bachelet refused to dance to any one’s tunes to change her views on HR situation in China but someone at her office, succumbed to the constantly mounting pressure and released a sham report from the official platform, just when Michele Bachelet had stepped out of OHCHR and new HCHR was yet to step in.
Many American official including a former Governor and former US Ambassador at UN Nikki Hale are on record to have targeted Michele Bachelet for her Views about actual HR situation in China and urged UN Human Rights Council to Michele immediately for not condemning China.
It emerges that the main pusher and strongest pusher and mover of this report, the US has no legitimate right to debate this report as it is not the member of OHCHR and refused to join it right at its formation, expressing Washington’s utter dissatisfaction over such a rights body.
HR activists also argue that why reports on HR abuses at Abu Gharib Prison in Iraq and at Guantanamo Bay as well as by Australians in Afghanistan were never prepared or released by the OHCHR.
Credit: Independent News Pakistan