Thar Coal Block-1 wins Fire Safety AwardBreaking

December 01, 2022

Thar Coal Block-1 Power Generation Company has won the ‘12th Annual Fire Safety Award’. The company was invited to attend the award ceremony of the "12th Annual Fire Safety Award" organized by the National Forum for Environment and Health (NFEH) of Pakistan. Kamran Khan Tesori, the Sindh Governor presented award to company. This is the second time the company won this award after the 11th award last year.

After the professional review by experts, the Jury fully affirmed the implementation of the work in the field of fire safety and the popularization of fire safety by Thar Coal Block-1 Power Generation Company, and positively recognized the vision of Thar Coal Block-1 Power Generation Company. The Jury decides to commend and reward Thar Coal Block-1 Power Generation Company based on our achievement, and subsequently this award decision is agreed and approved by NFEH and the governing bodies of the Pakistan Fire Protection Association.

Thar Coal Block-1 Power Generation Company strictly abides by Health, Safety, and the Environment(HSE) rules and regulations, attaches great importance to daily fire safety work, and has always practiced the working policy of "prevention first, combining fire prevention and fire dangerous factors elimination". Encouraged by the Fire Safety Award, Thar Coal Block-1 Power Generation Company will continue to make sure the implementation of HSE goals and policies, practice into daily work, make continuous progress in fire protection and safety, keep alertness all the time, and make effort to become a model enterprise in fire protection and safety.

Credit: Independent News Pakistan-INP