In the world where distances are diminishing at a fast pacethe challenge of information and communications has become intense. One has to be Quick, Accurate and Credible at same time within secons!

establised in 1996 independant news pakistan - Inp is doing it everyday, nonstop.

In order to achieve news' milestones INP has set up an exclusive pak-china desk at its headquarters to focus on China in particular. Always wishing to serve the Chinese Embassy as their Media Partners and on the other hand INP works tirelessly to make sure of a comprehensive coverage on one belt, one road (obor) initiative and china-pak economic corridor (cpec) project

At INP, we are committed to live up to the highest standards of journalism without compromising to any Political, Commercial or Ideological influence or discrimination.

as part of our values we are beyond borders and boundaries


in media and public sector inp rightly claimed itself as... number one news provider in the country

china pakistan news service

In our efforts to lay special focus on promoting China-Pakistan and news about China, the Independant News Pakistan (INP) 15 years back set up special Pak-China NewsDesk at its headquarters

Through this desk, around 10 to 15 stories are released to Pakistani Urdu and English newspapers.

As a major Agency in the private sector of Pakistan, Independant News Pakistan (INP) has the privilege of having exclusive rights to promote Urdu and English news, pictures and videos of China State-run News Agency XINHUA, through Pakistani mediaNetwork. There are only four-five countries in the region which have such kind of pertnership between INP and XINHUA.

For the last three years we are successfully running this service, enjoying the confidence of our partners.

economy articles writing

The INP is proud of launching the WealthPK project with collaboration of our Chinese Partners I.e China Economic Net. We started it from the scratch in the middle of last year, laying foundation of its own furnished office in the Stock Exchange Tower.

The INP_WealthPK is a unique project in its nature as it exclusively focuses on economic news, articles and videos, especially those relating pt the interest of Pakistan and China.

adgroup advertising and public relations

Established in 1996, the Adgrpup portfolio encompasses a rich experience of over 50 years in Advertising, Communications, and PR. We gather our strengths from creative thought processing, strategic marketing techniques, and team of talented individual.