Ministry plans to give one DAP bag per acre to flood-hit farmers

September 29, 2022

The National Assembly Standing Committee on National Food Security and Research has learned that Ministry of National Food Security and Research plans to provide one bag of DAP per acre to farmers in flood-affected areas. This plan, which costs Rs80 billion, will ensure proper fertiliser intake during the season.
The committee also learned that more than 205,000 tons of wheat seeds would be needed to meet the requirements of the farmers in the flood-affected areas.
The committee, chaired by Member National Assembly (MNA) Rao Muhammad Ajmal Khan, met here to discuss how to revive the agriculture sector and overcome the devastation caused by recent flash floods and torrential rains.
The meeting also deliberated on the arrangements so far made for the sowing of Rabi crops, particularly cultivation of wheat in flood hit areas in the country, as wheat is the major cash crop and vital source to fulfil the dietary needs of local population.
Senior Ministry of National Food Security and Research officials also briefed the committee on other measures being taken to revive the local agriculture industry in the wake of the devastation caused by flash floods and torrential rains, as well as the preparations for sowing wheat in flood-affected areas of the country.
It was also made known that the government was putting together a special package of incentives for wheat producers who had been impacted by the floods to repair and rejuvenate agriculture in these regions, with a particular focus on the area under wheat cultivation.
Furthermore, it was proposed that one bag per acre DAP be provided to farmers in flood-affected areas, with an estimated cost of Rs80 billion to carry out this scheme.
The committee informed the Prime Minister that the provincial governments would also be required to pay their 50% share of the subsidy scheme, and that the package of incentives for flood-affected areas would be presented to him for approval.
Meanwhile, Secretary of the Committee Rao Ajmal Khan directed the Ministry of National Food Security and Research to take immediate steps to ensure the availability of all agricultural inputs during the Rabi season, particularly for farmers in flood-affected areas of the country.
He also directed the ministry to ensure an adequate supply of certified wheat seeds to growers in order to bring the maximum area under wheat cultivation and meet local staple grain requirements.
The participants of the meeting also instructed the federal and provincial governments to take swift action to ensure that all agricultural inputs are provided to farmers, especially those in flood-affected areas of the nation, to ensure timely sowing of various crops to maintain food security in the nation.
Senior officials from the Ministry of National Food Security and Research and representatives from related agencies like the Pakistan Agriculture Research Council attended the meeting.

Credit: Independent News Pakistan-WealthPk