Annual inflation rate reaches 46.10pc after 1.31pc weekly increaseBreaking

September 03, 2022

The annual inflation rate in the country, after a 1.31% weekly increase, reached a historic high of 46.10%, Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) data showed. According to the PBS data, the weekly inflation rate in the country in the last week was 1.31%. Prices of 31 essential items increased in the last week while prices of three items fell in the last week, PBS data shows. The data showed that the price of onion increased dramatically as a result of devastating floods in the country, the price went up by Rs51.52 in the last week. While the price of tomatoes went up by Rs20.87, it added. The PBS Weekly Inflation report shows an increase of Rs17.21 in Moong pulse prices while Chickpea pulse went up by Rs6.76. Potatoes increased by Rs4.55, eggs by Rs8.39 per dozen while the price of chicken went up by Rs8.91, it added. The price for Liquid Petroleum Gas cylinder increased by Rs118.63 in the last week while a 20 kg bag of four went up by Rs18.33. The prices for garlic, milk, yoghurt and sugar also went up in the last week. Also Read: Miftah Ismail 'ashamed over record-high inflation in Pakistan However, the price for a 2.5kg box of cooking oil dropped by Rs5.81 and Masoor pulse by Rs0.10. While the price of 17 essential items remained unstable.

Credit: Independent News Pakistan-INP