SSGC to suspend gas supply in Balochistan on SaturdayBreaking

May 24, 2024

The Sui Southern Gas Company Limited will temporarily suspend gas supply in certain areas of Balochistan on Saturday (tomorrow) from 10am to 5pm. This is to allow for repairs and maintenance on the gas supply pipelines, and to increase gas pressure in the affected regions, spokesperson Salman Ahmed Siddique said. “The company is working to improve gas pressure in various parts of Balochistan.” The areas that the temporary eight-hour gas supply suspension will impact are as follows: Mach, Kolpur, Mastung, Khada-Khocha, Mangucher, Kalat, Kanak, Pirangabad, Spezand, Jatingabad, Mangalabad, Shell Depot, Hazarganj, Bowery Road, Kharotabad, Khizai, PAF Base Smanguli, Airport, Baleli, Killi Barat, Jinnah Town, Shahbaz Town, Nawan Killi, Kach Nasiran, Kuchlack, Pishin, Harmzai, Ziarat and their surrounding localities Consumers in such affected areas have been advised to make alternative arrangements for the duration of the gas supply suspension. Moreover, the government is gearing up to further increase prices for domestic consumers, fertilizer, CNG, and cement manufacturers.

Credit: Independent News Pakistan