Prices of 26 essential items spike, annual inflation at 42.70pcBreaking

September 10, 2022

The annual inflation rate in the country, after a 0.58% weekly drop, came down to at 42.70 percent, while the prices of 26 essential items went up, PBS data shows. According to the statistics shared by the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) the inflation rate in the country in the last week remained static. However, 42.70% is the record rate of annual inflation in the country’s history. The data shows that the prices of 26 essential items increased in the last week, 9 items decreased while 16 items remained unchanged from the last week. The price for a 20 kg bag of flour increased by Rs51.75 to sell at Rs1298.49 while the price for a dozen of eggs went up by Rs8.98. The price of Moong pulse went up by Rs6.41, Chickpea pulse by Rs3.98, Maash pulse by Rs3.29 and Chicken went by Rs4.46 in the last week, the PBS data shows. The prices for per liter of milk went up by Rs2.19 while the price of mutton went up by Rs7.16 in the last week.

Credit: Independent News Pakistan-INP