Trendy Chinese baby clothes do a roaring trade in FaisalabadBreaking

February 23, 2024

Faisalabad has become a lucrative market for Chinese baby garments, bringing a win-win to both the shopkeepers and buyers, according to WealthPK. Chinese clothes bring comfort and style to young ones and have emerged as a potential source of earnings for traders, whether they are plying their trade in small streets or big malls. Rana Aamir, a Jhang Bazaar shopkeeper, told WealthPK that Chinese baby garments are becoming increasingly popular with mothers. “However, now mothers are comfortable due to affordability, styles and durability. We are working in Faisalabad which is considered a major source of textile products. But let me admit that Chinese products have outshined Pakistani products,” said Aamir. He said Chinese manufacturers are introducing trendy designs which are gaining popularity among the teenagers as well. Owing to the trendy styles and designs, more and more parents are opting for Chinese garments. Aliya Noor, who was out for buying garments for her four-year-old daughter in main Muhammad Pura Bazaar, said they preferred Chinese clothes for their quality and cost-effectiveness.

She said Chinese manufacturers are offering competitive prices without compromising quality. Rana Aamir said the quality and affordability of Chinese garments are attracting more and more customers. A diverse range of options are available for customers coupled with all styles, sizes and colours as well, he added. With the passage of time, Amir said, he has earned customer loyalty and now most of them connect with him through the social media to get quick information about new arrivals. Noman Naseer, another customer buying baby garments in Bhawana Bazaar, told WealthPK that earlier it was a daunting task for him and his wife to find appropriate, economical, and durable clothes for their children but Chinese entrepreneurs had solved their problem. “Now we buy garments for our children with confidence because the shopkeepers offer replacement and guarantee quality of outfits. Thanks to Chinese manufacturers who have brought a blaze of color to our lives through quality garments at reasonable prices,” he added. He said that online shopping has made Chinese baby garments available to all kinds of customers. People can easily find cute and affordable clothes for their kids online, and get them delivered to their homes.

He added that this is a great convenience for the busy parents who don’t have time to go to the stores. Chinese baby garments have also opened up new avenues for entrepreneurship. Misbah Ali found an opportunity and started her online business. “I sell Chinese garments through the social media. I am a newbie and do not know a lot about the social media marketing, but I am pretty sure that my business will boom due to the stylish and affordable Chinese garments,” she told WealthPK. I have invested a few thousand rupees on the garments, put them on display and am trying to win the customers' trust, she said. Sharing her experience of how she explored the ways to invest in the Chinese baby garments business, Misbah said she noticed that some of her relatives were frequently purchasing Chinese outfits for their children. When she asked them why they were purchasing such garments, they told her that the reason was quality and affordability.

Credit: Independent News Pakistan (INP)