IHC approves petition for dismissal of case against Imaan MazariBreaking

June 20, 2022

The Islamabad High Court (IHC) on Monday approved the petition of Iman Mazari, the daughter of former federal minister Shireen Mazari, to dismiss the case against her for using offensive language against the army. IHC Chief Justice Athar Minallah approved the petition for the dismissal of the case. The lawyer for Iman Mazari said before the court, "We became part of the investigation despite our reservations." We were giving our statements to the police; the police were writing something else. He also told the court, "We had told the police we would submit a written statement ourselves." "We said on the very first day that there was no justification for the word that was spoken by Iman Mazari."

The IHC chief justice, in his remarks, said: "Iman Mazari is an officer of the court." She should not have said such words. "Iman Mazari has apologised for her statement. What more do you want now? " Justice Athar Minallah asked the lawyer for the Ministry of Defence. The defence ministry’s lawyer said, "Iman Mazari should apologise for her statement in front of the press," to which the IHC chief justice stated, "She has already apologised before the court for her statement." You must look at the time when the statement was made. What had happened to her mother at that time? "The defence ministry’s lawyer answered, "Iman Mazari is like our daughter, but we must look at her past conduct."

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