Rising inflation leads to exodus of one million students from Punjab schoolsBreaking

June 20, 2022

Rising inflation has led to the exodus of one million students from Punjab schools, says a report on Monday. Some 30,000 students have left schools in Lahore, the provincial capital of the most populous province of the country. Expensive education and education-related materials including books and stationary have contributed to this unfortunate development. According to the educationist, if the upwards spiral of inflation went unchecked, a further one million students will leave schools by August when the new academic year will start. The educationists have demanded the government to provide the publishers printing paper at subsidized rates so that the children can get books and stationary at a discounted rate. The educationists warned that if this trend goes unchecked, it would badly affect the literacy rate in the country and more children will remain outside the school.

Independent News Pakistan-INP